The Courtship of Cruinne and Macha

Tochmarc Cruinn Ocus Macha
TCD — H 3.18

Version III

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Cruinne son of Agnomain, son of Fer Ulad (i.e. Muredach Red-Neck - Muiredach Muinderg), a quo dicuntur Ulaid (from him are named the Ulads) from Dal Fiatach, son of Fiatach, son of Fir Urmi, son of Dare, son of Dlutag, son of Dedsin, son of Echdach. He went from his castle to the northwest and saw a woman coming towards him. He had never seen a woman of beautiful form as the woman who met him. They saluted each other. "What is your family or your own country or your name, girl?" Cruinne says. - "I will not deny it to you," said the girl. "I'm Macha, daughter of Bruide, son of Ceite, son of Cruinniuc (or 'Cruinnchu'), son of Delbaeth, son of Nechtan, son of Echach Garb, son of Duach Temen, son of Bres, son of Elathan, son of Delbaeth, son of Neid, son of Indeth, son of Allach, tson of Tad, son of Tabarn", said the girl. "I am a druid and I am gifted-power," said the girl. - "Are you living with a man, girl?" Cruinne said. - "No," said the girl. - "Will you sleep with me?" Cruinne said. - "If the (magic) powers of my tribe are permitted, "said Macha, daughter of Bruide. - " Surely I will permit it," said Cruinne. Cruinne takes the girl home with him, and she slept this night in his common bed.

And she was a year with him without the knowledge of the Ulads until she came to visit the solemn assembly of the Ulads. Their horses were to bet, and their boys. "They are not at all commendable," said Cruinne, "I have a pregnant woman who would leave the horses and the boys behind her." Conchobor was annoyed by Cruinne's speech. "Bring the woman with you!" Conchobor said. - "I will not bring her," said Cruinne. - "You must bring her back or [lose] your head," said Conchobor. Cruinne went home and reported this tale to Macha. These annoyed Macha and she went with him to Emain Macha. "*** me, Conchobor," Macha said, "if you do, you and your descendants will regret it forever." She jumped to race with the horses and left them behind her. "Now that I left the horses behind me," Macha said, "I leave the ces Naiden on the Ulads forever." Macha gives birth to two [children] in one birth. Macha died there from the race.

As far as the courtship of Cruinne and Macha.

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Sources : Ernst. Windisch, Berichte der Königliche Sächsische Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften (Phil.-Hist. Klasse) 36