Adventures of Mogh Ruith

Imtheachta Moighi Ruith
Book of Ballymote 265 b65 and YBL 190 a10

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by Erik Stohellou
© Erik Stohellou - 2010

Here are the adventures of Mog Ruith

Cacht, the daughter of Catmand of the Briton in the Isle of Man.

Her mother was taken over into captivity. The number of 50 girls has been spread over Ireland. Cacht was brought in the house of the Roth mac Righuill, king of Ireland; and there she was in constant servitude and slavery. A wise man stayed with the king, viz Cuindeasg mac Fhirglain from the tribe of Fergus mac Rossa of Ulster. Cuindeasg caused that the slave girl became pregnant by him. The night Cacht lay in, said the Druid, that the name the son, who was born in the night, would be heard about Ireland and famous. Roth said: "My name's is the one he will have." Therefore, it was the name given to Mog Ruith. He has now been raised and dealt with the King with the science and became a sage. He found the teaching over there and went to Scathach, a war Woman, to learn the profession of arms, until he was a master.

A Druid over there said to him: "If the Druid art would be that you learned today, your name would be on all Ireland." - "I will learn it," said Mog Ruith. He learned, so that he was a (famous) Sage in Ireland. He then went to the druid Simon, to learn whith him. And he had left his wife pregnant in Darbrui, viz Dron, daughter of Oengus mac Echach Lairen (and her son,) viz Buan, and it was of (her son) Fercorp, that his wife was pregnant. Mog Ruith spent thirty-three years near Simon. Then he mutilated one of his eyes when he was killing a calf in great snow in the Alps mountains. And the other eye was blinded when he was holding the sun for two days in Darbri, so that he made two days to one. Of which he mutilated one of his eyes (= the other), so that he was blind.

Then he came to Ireland (and went) until he reached Dairbriu . He (had) a boy with him. (The boy) looked into the house from the rear. Mog Ruith asked: "What is the woman doing?" - "She sits in the chair and a handsome young man with her. And they are friendly with each other," said the lad. "Bring me the ax," said Mog Ruith. "I will carry out the ax," said the boy, "if everyone is asleep." He was (on the point) to kill his own son. However, they waited patiently for three days and three nights. On the last night asked Mog Ruith: "How are they doing here," he asked, he answered him. "Thirty-three years (have passed)," they say, "until tonight, since our father went of us. Not until then he was looking for (our) community. As for me and my mother, she went they never with a man, and I took no wife." He went then and approached the fire. The woman recognized him now and its limbs, and she put a robe around him. He was the High-druide of all Ireland at that time, and so he it is Fiachra Muillethan mac Eogain and Munster People asked for advice at the siege of Drom Damgaire.

© Erik Stohellou - 2011
Sources : Käte Müller-Lisowski, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 14