The Elopement Of Emer With Tuir Glesta, Son Of The King Of Norway

[Aithed Emere le Tuir n-Glesta mac rig Lochlann.]
Stowe 992 on fo. 84 b.2

Trans. Kuno Meyer

Once upon a day Cuchulaind went to chase birds by the side of Traig Baile near the head of Slieve Breag, and Loeg was with him there, and Emer was left in Dundalk. Now this was the day that the son of the king of Norway, called Tuir Glesta, came, and when he came, he went to Dundalk where Emer saw him and fell fervently in love with him. And she went with him, accompanied by her maid in waiting. And the plain Murthemne was plundered, and Crich Conaill, and the land of Subaltach mac Roig, and they took their spoil with them to the harbour, and embarked in their ship. And they conveyed their plunder to the Isle of Man, and to the Isles of the foreigners, and to Anglesey. And the news reached Cuchulaind. And he went where, and he went himself with Loeg to Anglesey, and challenged Tuir Glesta to combat. And the son of the king of Norway accepted fight, and mighty was the combat that was fought between them there. And the son of the king of Norway was killed in that fight, and the fort was ransacked by Cuchulaind, and he took Emer back again, when he spoke these verses.

A Emir, nirsam runa,
dorinnis gnim n-ardula :
imtechi uaim le Tuir n-Glesta
is mer inimat sula.

In t-eathar bis ar in linn,
is cuma leis cia teit ind :
as mar sin d' ethar na mna,
cuma le cia nos mela.

Tancamar turus dar lear
co Dan Monaig na miled
ocus ro marbsumar t' jear
acsin iceann, a Emir. A Emir.

Sources : Kuno Meyer, Revue Celtique 6