The Death of Conchobar

Aided Chonchobuir
MS. 23. N. 10 (R.I.A.)
Version B

Translated by Kuno Meyer

1. Once upon a time Altus related to Conchobar macNessa the crucifixion of Christ. Altus, however, used to visit Conchobar with exchanges of treasures from Tiberius, the son of Augustus the Roman. For at that time stewards of the King of the Romans were equally over the centre of the world and over the islands of the west and east, so that every famous story that would happen there was equally known in the world.

2. Hence, in that way, the manner in which the crucifixion of Christ happened became known to Conchobar. For Altus told him that it was Christ who had made Heaven and earth, and that to redeem mankind He had assumed flesh. Altus was a believer. 'Tis therefore he told every good thing about the crucifixion of Christ.

3. Conchobar believes in Christ ; and then he said that if he were near Christ the men of the world would know what he could do in fighting against the Jews that had crucified Christ. Hence Conchobar said : "It was a pity," etc. *** "without avenging the Creator."

4. Thereupon he shook himself(?) as if he were going into a battlefield in the presence of Christ, so that Mesgegra's brain jumped out of his head, and then he died there. This is what they say, that he was the first pagan who went into the Kingdom of Heaven, because the blood which he had shed was a baptism to him, and (because) he had believed in Christ. Finit. Amen.

Sources : Kuno Meyer, The Death-Tales of the Ulster Heroes - 1906