Athirne cured of his non-hospitality

Harlean 5280

English trans. : Erik Stohellou © 2011

Athirne Ailgessach son of Ferchertne was the least hospitable man who had lived in Ireland. He went to Bri Leith Midir and practiced fasting against him and received from him the cranes of pettiness for his house, namely, non-hospitality and greed, so that no Irish renders visit his house as a guest. "Do not come! Do not come!" said the first crane. "Go away!" said another. "Beyond home! Beyond home!" said the third crane. Every Irishman who saw them could not win a fight that day. He never ate in front of another man.

One day he went with his prepared pig and a bottle of mead into the forest to eat. He placed the pig in front of him. There he saw a man approaching. "You want to do it alone," he said as he took his pig. "What is your name?" Athirne said. "Nothing special," he said, "Sethor Ethor Othor Sele Dele Dreng Gerce Mec Gerce Ger(r) Ger Dir Dir, this is my name." He (Athirne) does not recover the pig, because he could not make a poem of imprecation ( air) with this name. It is likely that a messenger from God had come to the pig, because from that moment he was no less generous than anyone else.

Copyright 2011 Erik Stohellou

Sources : Rudolf Thurneysen, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie, 12